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Black Sheep - Strobelite Honey (Mr Bongo)

Black Sheep
Strobelite Honey

(Mr Bongo)

Picture the scene: the emergency services respond to a cargo ship Mayday call. The distressed captain had ran aground on Bongo Rock which is forty-five  nautical miles North West off Brighton beach.  The precious cargo eventually washed ashore amazingly fully intact. It contained the latest boom bap double sider from Native Tongues affiliates Black Sheep. The record label responsible for this two-headed beast is none other than Mr Bongo. Mr Bongo is an independant record label we have grown to love here at 45 Live due to the rich and diverse artists they foster.

Mr Bongo is leading the way in unearthing grail 45s from rap's golden era and giving them an official rerelease and thus saving the customer a few hundred quid in the process. What's on offer here is the funkiest fast rap leanings of Dres and Mr. Lawnge on 'Strobelite Honey' that has weathered the years very well and still sounds so fresh today. 

Strictly limited with a strict no repress policy, the advise given is to purchase post haste or risk a summer of missed opportunities as you trawl the net for a copy that will change hands for a tidy pile of cash.

Head over to the Mr Bongo webshop for the preorder action.