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Boca 45 'Bang Ya Head' (Boca's 45 Tools)

Boca 45
'Bang Ya Head' / Uptown Party People'
(Boca's 45 Tools)

Here we go with a new series of 45s from Boca, and just like his Boca's Club Donuts from back in 2017, he's got his audio scissors out and gone rummaging in his record collection for snippets with the label 'banger' on 'em.

Cut n' Paste as an art form is on one hand very easy to do, you grab some magazines or records, cut out some pictures or beats, and rearrange them. That's the nub of it. But of course, there is a lot more to it than that. In the right hands, a collage of disparate images where the original pieces of art are referenced either directly in your face or barely hinted at, or indeed buried beyond any real recognition, can and will become a completely new piece of art. Any original meaning in any of the components could well be totally lost and ignored. Conversely, the rearrangement of those ingredients might bolster or amplify one of the elements, and that is the skill of the cut n' paste artist. It's all about the artist recognising a colour or sound and where they might place that to create something new.

Boca is indeed a veteran of this ethic, or as he describes it 'Cut n' Shut'. And this new series of 5(?) donuts will no doubt prove the quality of his touch.

Kicking off with 'Bang Ya Head', we get a stuttering, crunchy beat that's peppered with a jerkin' guitar riff and vocal stabs and the odd 'oh yeah I recognise that break' moment. It certainly displays that certain rawness that Boca loves.

Over on the flipside, the vibes increase exponentially with a classic piano riff from J5, you know the one, it always puts a smile on ya face, and then we're off on a breakin' excursion of class Boca beats. Party platter? HELL YEAH.

Go get em'....

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