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Boca 45 feat. Louis Baker 'Move A Mountain' (B Block)

Boca 45 feat. Louis Baker
'Move A Mountain' / 'Bryan Munich Theme'
(B Block)

Boca's sonic assault on your ears continues with this belter of a 45 taken from his forthcoming album 'Forty Five', celebrating his 45th year on planet earth with a stunning LP that sees Boca in all his guises and which is full of collaborations. But we won't talk about that here. This first single resurrects his relationship with New Zealander Louis Baker on vocals and guitar, a man he first collaborated with on 45 Live Records very first release 'Soul On Top'. That was a great record and a perfect pairing of talent which most definitely needed to happen again. Louis' vocal on 'Move A Mountain' is absolutely wonderful, deeply soulful and bluesy at the same time, with Boca's beats confidently rockin' underneath. Meanwhile on the B Side (weirdly where most things I tend to love reside these days) sees 'Bryan Munich Theme', an excellent library style psyche breakdance funk-hop joint. The synth breakdown is particularly great, Ben Salisbury showing his calibre there. A dancefloor slab of gold if there ever was. Great record all round, I wish it was on 45 Live Records!

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