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Bocawoody 'Jump' (Bocawoody)

Bocawoody feat. BluRum13
EXCLUSIVE 45 with 'Carousel' LP package

It's not often you get a free LP with 7" single AND a stick of rock! But right here that's exactly what you get.

OK, so it's the other way around in reality...Bocawoody is our very own Boca 45 along with world class, world champ DJ Woody and together they have cooked up one of the LPs of the year (mark my words), and part of the pre-order deluxe package, is a lovely red vinyl 7" pressing of the insanely good and playful 'Jump' featuring BluRum13 on the rhymes. Very active in underground hip hop and progressive sounds for the past 20 years, BluRum13 gives us a laid back confident and super stylish delivery, with Boca and Woody underpinning it all with a classic boom bap beat and sick cuts as you would rightly expect. The DJ tools flip side is pressed at 33rpm and contains 9 x 32 bar instrumental edits of beats from the LP, all laid out in BPM order and separated by track markers that are designed for DJ's that like to get busy and double up on. Time to shine? Hell yeah! And then track 10 has over a minute of unique scratch and samples lifted from the LP for even more flourishes. There's no denying the collective talent on offer here, and this 45 is a MUST have rekkid if you like classic funky hip hop, which we all do right? I also particularly like the wonderful artwork by illustrator Mike Winnard.

Then there's the bonus of the LP, which is amazing start to finish, but I'll leave the review of that to others, it has 5 more inches that we're not concerned with ;)

Pre-order here: http://bit.ly/2nv7yfG

'Another extravaganza from Boca & Woody who pull out all the stops for this thrilling new slice of Hip Hop and Breakbeat ! 10/10'
Smoove (Smoove & Turrell)

'Summer arrives early with this slice of party Hip Hop, BluRum13 on the mic and the BocaWoody on beats and cuts = primetime dancefloor sureshot'
Strictly Kev / DJ Food

'Super feel good funky hip hop exuberance - sharp like a razor - smart like a tailor - killer turntable cuts & an on the money rap completes a tip top package'
Jon Moore - Coldcut

'No surprise that this is pure dope...coming from 2 of our favourite DJs and 1 of our favourite MC's. Bag it!'
The Allergies

'Funkmaster Boca45 and scratch virtuoso Woody meet suavé mic-man BluRum13 inna dance, party-rocking sureshot ensues!'
Monk One (Wax Poetics)

'This is a Hip Hop classic. So good to hear a record with great cuts, a great beat and great vocal delivery. The whole package. This is essential listening.'
Brad Baloo (The Nextmen)

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