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Bread N Butta - Hot Sauce (MSLX Recordings)

Bread N Butta
A: Hot Sauce
B: The Groove

(MSLX Recordings)

All the way from Vancouver comes this spicy forty-five from Calgary’s Bread N Butta that has us reaching for the tone arm once the needle hits the runout groove to go back and relive this boss slice of funkdafied house that does nothing but move feet and nod heads and should prove to be the DJ's 'go to' secret weapon to super charge the room this season. 'Hot Sauce' is a track that should come with a warning label to indicate how bloody hot it actually is (we recommend a warning sticker with ten red jalepeno peppers) as this once will ignite rear ends and leave a trail of burning arses outside the portaloos this festival season. On the flip 'The Groove' the producer presents us with a another on point track aimed at the dancefloor that will please those who like to groove. DJ's should heed our advice and keep this forty-five in your box for every eventuality. Trust us, it's as fail safe as anything we've heard this year.

Head on over to the MSLX Bandcamp page here to secure your copy today.