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Breakaweights record stabilizers

Breakaweights record stabilizers
for 45s AND 12"
$78 for a pair

The war for adapters/stabilizers hots up with the release of these patented stabilizers from Breakaway Records.

Here at 45 Live, the adapters of choice for a good while have been the Syd Def Jam adapters which kill 2 birds with one stone, utilizing it's rubber O-Ring as a clamp alonside their perfect weightyness, as well as their tried and tested operation in the field.

So what makes the Breakaweights different? Well, these offer greater versatility as they can be used on dinked 45s, 12"s and small hole 45s just by flipping the adapter over (ok, you could put the Syd Def Jam over small hole records too), but they also cover the entire centre label of the record, so cover-up DJs can keep their joints secret. The web page doesn't list it's actual weight, but considering their size and thickness, they probably have some decent heft! I can't give a 'I've tested these out' review so really can't comment on their usability and effectivesness, but one suspects thay will work very well indeed. Will I switch my Syd Def Jams though? Well, would need to test a pair out to see if DJ use is catered for, or if they are more just suited as a home listening weight that accommodates dinked 45s.

More info and buy here: http://breakawayrecordshop.com/weights/copy-of-breakaweights-pair