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Cannon & Mirrorball - Hot Lovin' (Don't Stop, Don't Quit) (Disco Bits)

Cannon & Mirrorball
A: Hot Lovin' (Don't Stop, Don't Quit) 
B: Shack Attack
(Disco Bits)

Stop right there! Before pressing the checkout button on your umpteenth click and collect Nitro Cold Brew Coffee you should know that Cannon & Mirrorball are back with another double whammy to kick start the senses like your favourite latte could only dream of doing. Our favourite disco duo return to deliver for the Disco Bits label and these cut n' paste masters know, they just know, just what knobs to twiddle and what pressure points to tweak when constructing dancefloor secret weapons for the DJs. Early C&B cuts have been tried and tested over the past few years and without hesitation the Disco Bits 45s always make the cut as this DJ's top choice. 

Available in small numbers so be quick. Check out Disco Bits on Bandcamp for their other releases or Juno and arm yourself with some military grade 45s today!

Edit: You may have heard a sneak preview of 'Shack Attack'  on  last years's promo reel for the Dublin club night 'Shack Up!' produced by Cursa Media. Check it out HERE!