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Caserta & Lucky Ry - Bobby II (Bridge Boots)

Caserta & Lucky Ry
A. Bobby II (Caserta & Lucky Ry 70's mix) (5:04)

B. Bobby II (Caserta & Lucky Ry 80's mix) (4:45)
(Bridge Boots)

Bridge Boots is a Los Angeles based independant label that focuses on  tried and tested tracks that will prove to be timeless thanks to producers Caserta & Lucky Ry. Bumrushing the scene with much funfare are the aforementioned dynamic duo with a much needed energy injection to serve those starved of that disco juice.
The modus operani is this: refix, remix, remake on what's come before but with added gusto. The duo waste no time in delivering for the dancefloor faithful a clutch of DJ friendly Caldwell cuts that will surely do what they set out to do and that is to keep 'em dancing. 

Head to Juno after the stream to secure your copy today as these 45s are strictly limited.