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CBLL04 Big Lee Dowell and The Cannonballs

Cannonball Records is proud to release the fourth 45 in a series of killer dancefloor releases. Following on from Sanders Sisters twin tower discs ‘Stone man’ and ‘Put it in writing’, as well as the gospel funk tough cut Jackson Bros 'Thank you', we present;

Big Lee Dowell & the Cannonballs - 'What I done wrong' (Cannonball)

Price = see 'Ordering & Mailing' details below

Limited run of 300 copies.

Release date =  Monday 11th July

Please email cannonballsoul@gmail.com to order your copy today.

Ordering & Mailing details from Italy available below;

Please remember to include your full address when ordering your copy, thus eliminating unncessary chasing during the checkout process.
Paypal as gift only (or add 4%) cannonballsoul@gmail.com
£20 / copy plus shipping of your choice up to 3 copies in UK-EU area 
£5 - standard mail not registered (7 to 15 days est.del.)
£8 - priority non registred (5 to 10 days)
£10 - registered signed for (up to 12 days trackable)

It's not often that a new release comes around and stops you dead in your tracks....the music hits your ears for the first time, and it's a moment in time that you'll cherish....you'll remember exactly where you were, who you were sharing the dancefloor with, and the euphoria coarsing through your veins when you've heard something 'special'.

Presenting, Big Lee Dowell in all his honey dipped, heart wrenching, pure soul glory.

After many years of this superlative tune sitting unloved, unreleased, almost criminally kept from our ears, Cannonball has done what Cannonball does best....bringing previously unheard essentials to life from master tapes, incorporating some of the best musicians in Europe, and creating a release for the ages.

From the streets of New York City, to the basements of Detroit where the original tapes were discovered, Brother Big Lee can now bring his message to the world....and what a masterful, soul soaring deliverance it is.

Rarely will soul lovers use the word 'Anthem!' in its correct context, but this 45 is a game changer in the eyes of the current 7 inch single market. It's a dancefloor unifier, it's a moment, it's a memory, and when records tick all those boxes, surely they earn the right to be called a 'Classic!' 

Strictly limited so order now to avoid disappointment!


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