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Cleon 'Can U Dig It?' (Acid Cuts)

'Can U Dig It?' / 'The Bat'
(Acid Cuts)

Naturally at 45 Live we are concerned with 7" records, but I'm just going to have to make an exception here and add just one more inch so I can feature this brilliant acid house rekkid. This baby is a lathe cut 8" slab of acid from Greece by Cleon that has absolutely gorgeous 303 lines on both sides that I would describe as perfect, proper squelch, proper deep acid and I completely love it. The sonics are equally deep so it just sounds great too. There's no need to fight your way across New York to get this record, just head to Bandcamp now, but do it quickly as there are only a minuscule 50 copies available. Now, I wonder if I can get a small extension for my Magma record bag?! Can you dig it?

Buy: Bandcamp