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Connie Price & The Keystones ft. Bootie Brown (The Pharcyde) - All Night (Superjock)

Connie Price & The Keystones ft. Bootie Brown (The Pharcyde) 
All Night / All Night (Professor Shorthair Extended Mix)

What we know so far is that with each release, this label goes from strength to strength. On the evidence presented to us on 'All Night'  we get the feeling the protein shakes have been consumed in vast abundance. The label we speak of is of course Superjock Records. The signing to the label of Connie Price & The Keystones alongside The Pharcyde's Bootie Brown is such a master stroke that has yielded a real gem in 'All Night'. What is it about Superjock Records that has us yearning for more? It's the premium grade funk that they release of course. On the evidence of the super-charged funk-fuelled heat rock 'All Night' we have a hunch that Superjock Records are only getting started.

Head to their Bandcamp page after the stream to cop today!