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Controller 7 - Get Ready For The Young Folks (Battle Weapons)

Controller 7
Get Ready For The Young Folks
(Battle Weapons

One thing's  for sure, if there’s one thing that French label Battle Weapons are masters of it is how to move a crowd. This DJ friendly 45 is the latest example of their butt moving powers. The latest signing to the label is production power crew Controller 7 who's charming reworking of this indie classic has given us all the feels thanks to an original blend that works so well. Just ask the younger generation. Better still, drop 'Get Ready For The Young Folks' in the club and watch their eyes bulge and their hips gyrate in time to the music.

Flip the record over for label favourite LL Smooth K's tribute to the west coast on 'Dre's Night’. A show no mercy wobbly squelchy white knuckle ride through Compton's colourful streets without once stopping at traffic lights. You know how LL does.

Available in a tidy non-skip 45 from Battle Weapons and strictly limited to 300 copies, be sure to come heavily armed to the club by picking up the latest Battle Weapons 45 today! 



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