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Corduroy - Blackmail (Acid Jazz)

(Acid Jazz)

Travelling at frenetic speed towards the runout groove finish line avoiding all sloppy off key spills on the journey is this rambunctious double sider from Acid Jazz Records. Corduroy serve up the ultimate chess move by employing some secret weapon producers in Calibro 35 and 45 Live's very own Smoove to help shape the sound of a ‘speed racer Corduroy’.  

Lifted from the genuinely inspired LP ‘Return Of The Fabric Four’, a title that I might suggest owes so much to an adventurous Enid Blyton adventure quintet prequel, this soon to be highly sought after seven will have you stringing up record execs and shouting your demands down the phone, pleading with a copy that you missed on at the first time of asking.

Don’t be that desperate collector and purchase 'Blackmail' post haste in a civilised manner by simply walking into a record shop and sealing the deal with your chosen method of payment. Alternatively you can browse the web and wait for your ticket to come up.