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D90 Discs - Salute It Off (D90 Discs)

D90 Discs
A: Salute It Off
B: Mischievous Mix

(D90 Discs)

Today we share with you a record from the mysterious D90 Discs label who proceed to give you what you need and treat the listener to a double slice of tried and tested rhymes over beats that you probably thought would not work with the aforementioned raps but guess what? They do just that in fine style.

The King Asiatic’s iconic tour-de-force ‘Set It Off' has, since it first charmed it’s way into our hearts, been a favourite for the dancers who favour fast breaks since it’s initial release. Now with ‘Salute It Off’, those dancers have something both new and familiar to rock the discotheque to. The D90 Discs DJ breaks loose on an athletic scratching fun run tip too.

On the flip 'Mischievous Mix' the strings perfectly compliment rapper Tajai’s opening presentation before the drummer barges in and proceeds to break the sticks! The DJ again blesses us with some rapid fire scratching action on this side after getting a taste for it on ‘Salute It Off’. Chillin’ from ’93 to present day, these Mischievous Souls gets a 2019 do over thanks to D90 thus helping to bring this west coast classic bang up to date.

Dial the seven digits and reserve a copy in your local record shop today or hit up the D90 Discs shop HERE.