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Danced 'Til Midnight - Low Slung (Thylacine)

Danced 'Til Midnight
A: Low Slung feat. Noasaj from New Kingdom
B: Demerera Dash


We welcome a clutch of brand new tracks from funk-fuelled fanatics Danced 'Til Midnight for this forty-five that has just hit the shelves and it comes courtesy of the Thylacine label out of France. The A side features the vocals of New Kingdom's Nosaj on 'Low Slung'  as the rapper breaks it down over a down n' dirty funky jam laid down by 'Danced 'Til Midnight'. Flip the 45 over for 'Demerera Dash'  as the DTM players switch gears for a fast paced rollercoaster ride that will surely put the b-boys and b-girls through their paces.

Available now from Juno.