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De Frank Jr 'Chicken' (Mukatsuku)

De Frank Jr
'Chicken' / 'Dankasa'

Mukatsuku are firmly keeping the gas setting on maximum with this new slab of afrobeat heat from the Ivory Coast musician De Frank Jr. Taken from the Oriki Music compilation 'Akwaba Abidjan', a fine set of Afrobeat grooves, in turn taken from the 1978 OG album 'Jamaican Sounds' that would set you back circa £400! These 2 De Frank Jr tracks are arguably the best tracks on the LP, especially 'Dankasa' with its furious tempo and psychedelic keys. Part disco, part raw funk, typically shambolic yet tight (in a good way!), 'Dankasa' grooves HARD! Essential 45 for those that venture to exotic shores in their DJ sets. Killer.

Buy here: Juno

If you want to delve further, then check out the full LP that this 45 is taken from, loads of swirling psychedelic Afrobeat!
Buy here: Juno