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Dean Parrish - It’s Time – Purple Mountain Majesty (Acid Jazz)

Dean Parrish
A: It’s Time – Purple Mountain Majesty
B: Purple Mountain Majesty

(Acid Jazz)

As we make inroads into the year there are certain labels that are continuing the tradition of good soul music. London's Acid Jazz being a prime example of a label that continue to put out music that needs to be heard by the masses. After more than a decade since his last release for the label, Dean Parrish makes a triumphant return for Acid Jazz with this release and it could be argued that it's his best work to date.  ‘It’s Time - Purple Mountain Majesty’ is a pyschedelic soul tour-de-force that illustrates the importance of the man's output as he enters his eight decade with no signs of slowing down. We can only hope that he's just getting into his stride and that there's so much more that Dean Parrish can offer us. 

Released on 45 on the 5th February 2021 listen to the tracks below and preoder today.