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Dedy Dread feat. Olivia Ruff - Don't Wanna Wake Up (DJs Choice)

Dedy Dread feat. Olivia Ruff
A: Don't Wanna Wake Up
B: Don't Wanna Wake Up (The Rebel Remix)

(DJs Choice)

A forced lockdown allows us to explore corners of our record collection that may not get the exposure that other club friendly tried and trusted records may get. Today we focus on a future example that is bound to live long in the collection even when the shutters go up and the lights come on as the discoteques around the world hit the restart button.

'Don't Wanna Wake Up' is the brainchild of Portugese producer Dedy Dread who, with the help of  songstress Olivia Ruffa construct this sun-kissed sweet soul cut that when we hear it we see in our minds eye beachside sunsets with lovers and friends post-virus. The flip features a 'Bikini Dub' remix from The Rebel who strips the original cut back to the bone and rebuilds the track with nuff style and fashion for the reggae heads. Funkallisto's Danilo Desideri is called into the mix and he provides the saxophone sweettness for The Rebel. Stylin' for the twenty-twenty.

Hit the play button the stream before heading over to the DJs Choice Bandcamp page for the physical release.