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Deejay Irie - What You Heard About Me? (The Happy Digger)

Deejay Irie
What You Heard About Me?
(The Happy Digger)

Cast your mind back a few years when a version of 50 Cent’s 'P.I.M.P.'  was released. It was a boss steel drum version that flipped many a wig. It was widely thought that it was the original composition that was sampled for the track. That was not the case but many still feel that way today. Enter into the fray the Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band. Lead by Björn Wagner of The Mighty Mocambos, who had spent a period of time in Trinidad & Tobago and fell in love with the steel drum, mastered it, and had a special drum made by master drum maker Louis C. Smith. The story goes that Wagner brought the steel drum skill and knowledge back to Germany to blend it with the hip hop, funk, and soul izms and skisms he was already skilled in the trade in with his other outfits. The result was the 'P.I.M.P.'  steel drum cover and a highly sought after 45 from 2007 raised a lot of industry eyebrows.

Fast forward to 2023 and producer Deejay Irie blends both the OG and steel drum versions together for a funky forty-five that will work on any dancefloor once the needle drops. We have to hand it to Deejay Irie, he know what works and on the evidence of 'What You Heard About Me?' he's going from strength to strength with each release. We eagerly await what's to come from The Happy Digger label. We have a feeling that this record is going to be blow up! Don't believe us? Hear for yourself!