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Deep Street Soul 'Souls Come Alive' (Freestyle Records)

Deep Street Soul
A: 'Souls Come Alive' / B: 'Done Me Wrong'
(Freestyle Records) 7"

Yes, here we go! Pretty much the best and heaviest funk/soul band that's come out of Australia drop a killer killer killer new 45 on Freestyle Records with 2 proper cuts! Deep Street Soul are one of the few funk bands anywhere that manage to capture the required grit to make a funk record sound right, coupled with excellent song writing and heavy duty arrangements that make perfect use of space to let each aspect shine brightly. Kudos to their production skills!

'Souls Come Alive' begins with a gorgeous Wurlitzer electric piano riff that lays the foundation for boom bap drums, punchy horns and the rasping beauty of vocalist May Johnson. A perfectly executed song, period. The flip picks up the tempo a little with 'Done Me Wrong', a dancefloor funk banger with stuttering drums, luscious organ and guitar licks, chunky bass line and more punchy horns. May's vocals here really let rip too!

These tracks are taken from the forthcoming LP 'Come Alive!', and on the strength of these 2 songs, it's going to be much anticipated here. Hopefully there will be another 7" taken from it ;)

BUY FROM JUNO HERE (Relase Date March 11th)


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