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Delia Gartrell 'I Must Be Doing Something Right' (Rocafort Records)

Delia 'Dee Dee' Gartrell
'I Must Be Doing Something Right' / 'Fight Fire With Fire'
(Rocafort Records)

Taken from the pricy 60's pressing on Maverick Records, the B side has crossed over to the A side on this Rocafort release. A tough soul stomper produced by the Mighty Hannibal punctuated by organ stabs and killer horns, whilst Delia wails all along. Maybe slightly let down by a middle eight that loses some of the energy but easily forgiven once the groove drops back in. Meanwhile the flip keep its soul fully in tact throughout with its fuzzy electric guitar and orchestral leanings and subtle strings. The great thing about soul/funk is that you can spend a quarter century digesting records and there's ALWAYS things coming to light that you've never heard before, such as this. Another Rocafort must-have.

Buy here: Juno / Bandcamp