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Diamond Street Players - How Many Lies, How Many Times (Gemco)

Diamond Street Players
A: How Many Lies, How Many Times
B: Organ Workout


Pining for that fortified funk from the trunk as you get ready to set off on your summer getaway with your portable and pet dog in tow? Then allow the latest sureshot from Atlanta’s Diamond Street Players be the soundtrack for those future memories. The band have been working tirelessly in the Diamond Street Studio and the fruit of their labour is finally upon us.

First up from Diamond Street Players is the politically fuelled protest funk side ‘How Many Lies, How Many Times’ which lays bare the frustrations of soul powerhouse vocalist Adryon de León and the band. It's executed so well in their own brand of funk that we love here at 45 Live. On the flip, we have the dancefloor pleasing ‘Organ Workout’. The uptempo full throttle feel-good-funk is a pleasant attack on the senses and demands you to do just that – work out on the dancefloor. I defy anyone who can keep still for this one.

This forty-five is available to purchase now from JUNO. Get on it!