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Diane Ward and The Kevin Fingier Collective - Why Don't You Go Home (Fingier)

Diane Ward and The Kevin Fingier Collective
Why Don't You Go Home / Cocktail de Medianoche

We're not entirely sure what's in the water in that part of the world but the creative Fingier Regords hub shows no signs of shutting it's doors. Quite the contrary as they treat the public to another essential 45 to add to their amazing back catalogue. The Kevin Fingier Collective enlist the vocal tones of Diane Ward and here's what the label have to say:

"With 'Why Don't You Go Home' Fingier produces a monster Rhythm & Blues tune that will take you straight to the King and Federal R&B sound, and for the B side, 'Cocktail De Medianoche' is the perfect mix of Boogaloo and Northern Soul. Percussion, flute and horns will make this a Fingier favourite for lovers of Latin grooves and Uptempo Soul.

Diane Ward is singer from USA, who grew up singing Gospel in her local church. Music was always a big part of her life, and she has always had a deep interest in Rhythm & Blues and Jazz. She lived in Argentina for a couple of years, and one night Kevin saw her perform and instantly her voice blew his mind. In his words:

“She’s a proper R&B singer, she reminded me to Ruth Brown, Mary Ann Fisher or Lula Reed. She has that potent and obscure sound that took me to those lately '50s early '60s Popcorn tracks”

With two monster tracks, calling this a ‘Double Sider’ wouldn’t be enough, both with that '60s sound we've come to expect from Fingier Records."