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DJ Bacon 'Run BST' (DJB)

DJ Bacon
'Run BST Megamix (part 1)' / 'Run BST Megamix (part 2)'

Australian DJ & producer DJ Bacon has committed his epic tribute to Run DC and The Beasties Boys to wax, all 8 mins of it over 2 sides of a phat 45. This is most definitely a super-fan labour-of-love project, one can only imagine the hours spent selecting snippets and arranging them so they flow, and do they flow? Absolutely. Expertly spliced, cut up and mixed with over 150 samples, you can only say 'daaammmnnnnn'. The quality and skill involved here is undeniable, getting plaudits from all over including Beat Junkies, Terminator X, DMC and others. If DJ Food, Cheeba and Moneyshot ever roll out their 'Caught in the middle of a 3 way mix' back out, maybe DJ Bacon would be a fine guest addition with an extended set? We doff our caps, great work sir.

Buy here: Juno / Bandcamp