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DJ Format & Abdominal 'We're Back' (Rocafort Records)

DJ Format & Abdominal
'We're Back' / 'Diamond Hammer'
(Rocafort Records)



Ok, I realise that ain't much of an 'actual' review, but the sentiment is bang on. When it comes to hip hop, our very own Matt Format along with one of the best MC's out there, Toronto boy Abdominal, have come back together to record a new album from which this 45 is taken from (and coincidently presses the two exact tracks that we wanted on 45!)(actually, can we have the whole album on 45 please?). I'm not sure there's anyone else out there that captures this vibe, what is arguably the golden era of hip hop, the early 90's boom bap sampledelic and utterly funky period that created so many wonderful moments in hip hop (also a continuation of their earlier collaborations that defined the sound of UK hip hop and how is should be done). You can keep all your bragging about guns, insert-derogatory-term-about-women-here and money, Format and Abs stay firmly in the 'postiive' arena backed up with the sickest of cuts, dopest of beats, smoothest of raps and all locked and loaded ready for the dance-floor. What else do you actually want?

Maybe you've caught the boys on tour in the last month or so? If not you can try again in the Autumn, 45 Live show to be announced, ah yeah!

Buy here: https://rocafortrecords.bandcamp.com/album/were-back-b-w-diamond-hammer