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DJ Frane - Vaporizer / You Can Put It Right Here

LA legend DJ FRANE drops his first 45 and it's a West Coast styled doozy;

DJ FRANE - 'Vaporizer' / 'You Can Put It Right Here' (Self Released)

Side 1: "Vaporizer."
Side 2: "You Can Put It Right Here" (a vinyl-only exclusive).

Limited to 500 copies, each hand-numbered.

Mastered specially for vinyl by the great Bernie Grundman, with no digital compression so it sounds full, fat, and funky. Comes with a 5" x 6" glossy sticker featuring artwork by Mear One.

Frane could easily be one of LA's best kept funky secrets, at least, on a worldwide scale. He's been quietly plying his trade, keeping it heavy on the funk both as a turntablist and a keyboard terrorizer. Both cuts ooze a heavy slice of that Cali funk, displaying the sound that folk like Dam Funk have taken 'round the globe. This is Frane's time in the sun....check out both of these butter synth slices of bouncin' party starters. This author tips the scales in favor of 'You Can Put It Right Here', should anyone need a preference. But really, this is a twofer to file hard into ya playbox. Independently released, with love....get yours before they sell out, right here, via Bandcamp.

PURCHASE HERE; https://djfrane.bandcamp.com/album/vaporizer





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