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DJ Moneyshot 'Back Pumps' (Party Favours) FREE DOWNLOAD

DJ Moneyshot
'Back Pumps' / 'Hit The Dancefloor Now'
(Party Favours)

The most excellent DJ that is DJ Moneyshot of The Allergies has produced a cheeky nugget for 45 Live as a party favour. No vinyl on this, just a free download for all you DJs that also play digital.

Kicking off with 'Back Pumps', a block rockin' jam if there ever was fusing hip hop vibes and southern funk. While on 'the other side' 'Hit The Dancefloor Now' throws it all into the pot for another dancefloor sizzler. Throw them both on, watch the dancefloor bump.

DJ Moneyshot is a DJ's DJ, blessed with super sharp turntable skills, an even sharper wit and dope production skills, AS WELL as a sideline career as a writer, he's literally packed with talent! Emerging from the Welsh hip hop scene many moons ago, Moneyshot went on to trailblaze his way through Solid Steel, heavyweight mixtape action, the incredible 'Caught In The Middle Of A 3-Way Mix' tribute to the Beastie Boys (along with DJ Cheeba and DJ Food), DJ slots all over and most recently producing the goods for The Allergies (along with Rackabeat). And to top it all, he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

"Stupidly talented” - The Guardian


Get it here for FREE: Bandcamp