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DJ Paul Sitter - Funky Shit Edits Vol. 3 (Funky Shit Edits)

Lose Control 
We Run This

(Funky Shit Edits)

DJ Paul Sitter, DJ, producer, remixer and turntablist from Russia returns for the third installment in his 'Funky Shit Edits' series and it's a release that we're sure you'll agree will have you pose the question: 'How many edits has this guy got in his arsenal and  more importantly will they all be pressed on glorious forty-five?' The answer my friends is that we have no idea but we can bask in the aural glory of number three with two massive reworks from Missy. 'Lose Control' is a frenetic fast paced, hypnotic boombotic rollercoaster ride  that will melt dancefloors once the club doors are unlocked. Meanwhile on the flip, 'We Run This' has Missy slow down the pace a midge but lose none of that sassy she-sauce that has our heroine at the top of the totem pole running the game with her right hand man Paul Sitter.

With the previous two releases in the 'Funky Shit Edits' series proving very popular with international spinners and collectors, it's time to visit this producer's Bandcamp for the good stuff.