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DJ Pnutz 'Make It Or Break It' (white)

DJ Pnutz
'Make It Or Break It' / 'Snakes'

DJ Pnutz is back with another classy production on 'Make It Or Break It', tight beats and percussion in the 115bpm sweet spot and sprinkled with layers that veer on the discordant (but in a good way), it's a thematic BBoy and BGirl DJ tool more than a 'song' as such, yet put together with unique flavour. Meanwhile, 'Snakes' has an altogether different feel, coming across like a soundtrack (imagine if Ennio Morricone was a hip hop head), but also sounding baroque and Spanish as well, at least that's what I hear! The heat is 'Make It or Break It' though, I can envisage turntablists creating something special with 2 copies of this. This 45 is taken from her new digital album and with a tiny edition of just 75 copies, get on it.

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