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DJ Robert Smith 'The Kure' (Woodwurk)

DJ Robert Smith
'The Kure'

When it comes to scratch tools, who better to look to than DJ Woody and his Woodwurk label. For this 7" tool, he's teamed up with DMC champion DJ Robert Smith from Germany. Together they have curated 2 sides of skip-proof phrases, vocal samples and noises as well as a bunch of shout-outs from Andy Cooper (including '45 Live', nice one chaps). Now, I'm not going to pretend that I'm the kind of DJ who'll be using this personally unless I get off my lazy ass and learn how to cut and scratch properly! But there are of course thousands of talented turntablists out there who'll no doubt love to have this in their arsenal of scratch tools for either live performance or adding some sparkle to straight-up club sets. The best thing to do is to watch the video of Woody and Robert to hear the sounds on the 45, and marvel at their slick delivery of it too.

Buy: Juno / Woodwurk