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DJ Smash / DJ Evo - Your Pants Are Hot / Mandingo Boogie (Adventures In Paradise)

A: DJ Smash  - Your Pants Are Hot
B: DJ Evo - Mandingo Boogie

(Adventures In Paradise)

This corner of paradise in Vacouver is where the adventure begins with the swash buckling skills of DJ Smash as he underlines Soul Brother Number One's appreciation for tight shorts worn by the fairer sex on 'Your Pants Are Hot'. No amount of sedatives will keep them from storming the dancefloor when this JB bubbler drops.

Meanwhile, DJ Evo has clearly read the instructions on his new disco thermostat and proceeds to test just how hot he can make this platter by turning that dial all the way up on his production debut 'Mandingo Boogie' which is tailored for the modern dancefloor.  It's a contemporary twist on a classic Mandingo cut that's sure to have party people bum rush the DJ booth with their frantic enquiries. 

Bandcamp: https://adventures-in-paradise.bandcamp.com
Juno: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/dj-smash-dj-your-pants-are-hot/675945-01/