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DJ Soopasoul - Ode To Clyde (Soopastole)

DJ Soopasoul
Ode To Clyde

DJ Soopasoul rounds off what has been an incredibly productive year in terms of releases with his tribute to James Brown's 'Funky Drummer' Clyde Stubblefield. The producer gives Mr. Stubblefield room to flex and bring this funk 45 favoured by b-boys for generations bang up to date. Let's just say it's just the tonic for the times we live in. The original of course is a timeless cut but Soopastole approaches the original track with an air of reverance coupled with a knowledge of what will work the floor. The results are on point, the pressing is loud and all that's left is for the clubs to reverberate to the Soopasoul sounds throughout our cities and towns when we finally open back up.