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DJ Soopastole - Rock It Don't Stop (Soopastole)

DJ Soopastole
Rock It Don't Stop

DJ Soopastole is running away with himself! He's already up to his 9th release in the Soopastole edit series and with this 45 he's likely to cause even further mass hysteria or at the very least to cause the local residents to organise a summer block party where senior citizens party with the hip hop crowd. What's on offer here is a frenetic cut 'n' paste declaration of intent if you will. The intention for every DJ who cops 'Cold Rock a Party' is to do just that ... even if it's just for the old folks on the road eating custard creams! He weaves in classic upfront soulsonic samples underpinned by Isaac Hayes' iconic wah-wah as well as his own signature meaty drums and well the results are nothing short of marvellous.

Please don't take my word for it though and head over to Juno to secure your copy today as there's only 300 in extistance. I'll time how long it takes for you to add it to your cart. I'll guarantee we're talkin' nanoseconds!