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DJ Woody joins 45 Live


DJ Woody

The 45 Live crew VERY proudly welcomes a new member into the team, and it's none other than 2 times world champion DJ Woody. Internationally renowned as one of the world's best ever DJs, and there really is no arguing with that. A true master of the decks, musically, technically and through innovation with technology, the real deal to put it bluntly. But here at 45 Live, it's all about the 7" vinyl record, and Woody wants in, I'll leave it to him to explain...

"This December (2017) marks my 25th year DJing and over 30 years of buying records! I remember my first ever scratch routine was cutting up my ‘Beats To The Rhyme’ 7” on my cheap midi hifi circa 1988. Nothing comes close to the feel of real vinyl and cutting up 45’s is about the most fun you can have on 2 turntables. If I’m having fun as a DJ’s then the odd’s are that my audience is too, so in a time of increasing disconnection between the DJ and the dancefloor, I feel in order to take it forward I definitely need to take it back - back to wax!"
Woody - Nov 2017 

We are beyond stoked that Lee Woody is joining the crew and he'll be joining us at 45 Live events all over asap, but his first duty is his premier guest mix for the 45 Live Radio Show on 5th January 2018 with Greg Belson over on dublab. Read his biog here: www.45live.net/dj-woody

Props to our artist in residence Paul Subtwo for another great avatar!