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DJ Woody 'Scratch Sounds No 1' (Woodwurk Records)

DJ Woody
'Scratch Sounds No 1'
Woodwurk Records)

Everyone is a DJ, or so the meme goes, but no, no they are not. Sure, there are plenty of people who spin records and push buttons perfectly adequately and then there are a select few who have quite simply put the time in to become a master of their art. DJ Woody is one such DJ. This 2 times world champion is a musician on the turntables, taking his undeniable technicals skills to levels that leave many a 'decent' DJs standing there with open mouths and entertaining thoughts of retirement. And he does all this with vinyl, the time honoured practice of Disc Jockeying in the real sense of the term, breathtaking dexterity abounds when you see one of his performances. 2 turntables, 1 mixer and 2 records... 2+1+2 = 5 right? No, with Woody it equals 100+, it's remixing, re-editing, re-creating in real time, and this new vinyl project is an extension of this ethic.

The SCRATCH SOUNDS series is a new resource aimed at DJs to experiment with performances and indeed in scratch based compositions. It's basically a library record for turntablists. Comprising of multiple skip-proof sentences and various instrument sounds, you will have at your fingertips a set of tools to go wild with, it's like a sample pack for performance. This first edition is based around Blues music and is released on 7" and 12". It's a product that perfectly illustrates Woody's commitment to the art, beautifully produced, thought out with precision and presented very stylishly (he's a damn good graphic designer too!).

This isn't for everyone though, you will need to have the necessary skills and creative flair to employ this 45 (and 12") in your efforts, but if you do then this is a quality tool to build your performance.


Buy here: www.woodwurkrecords.com/product/scratch-sounds-no-1-7-blue-vinyl
Or: Juno Records



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