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DJ Woody 'Scratch Sounds No. 2' (Woodwurk)

DJ Woody
'Scratch Sounds No. 2'

There are DJs, there are records that DJs play, and then there is DJ Woody and the records that Woody makes, it's a world of difference in every way. Back in November 2018, Woody launched his labour of love and groundbreaking creative project that is 'Scratch Sounds' for the turntablist practitioner, a term that he personifies and leads the way from. These are not traditional records, and not mere scratch tools either. These are well thought out, designed with precision and thematically arranged for DJs to use as part of performed scratch compositions. Woody says "My aim with this series is to produce a coherent set of original recordings with vocalists and instrumentalists, designed specifically for the scratch musician. Taking inspiration from the library music catalogues of the 1960’s and 70’s, each record is themed in style or mood. By building a library of Scratch Sounds the creative process becomes streamlined, enabling you to select the record most fitting to your project or jam".

Volume 2 focuses on reggae with a selection of live instrumentation and vocal drops from Mr. Scruff's MC Kwasi, all skip proof of course. Once again, Woody's graphic design talents complete the aesthetic package wonderfully, and as well as the 7" featured here, there is also a 12" plus an extra special collectors pack which includes a 7" slipmat and stickers, just 100 of these packs are available.

Naturally, this release isn't going to appeal to the majority of DJs that are traditional selectors, but if you're experimenting in turntablism and want to create something different, these Scratch Sounds records are the kind of high-quality tools to work with that will enhance your performance wonderfully. Another good point is producers can also use this as a royalty free sampe pack, bonus!

Buy: www.woodwurkrecords.com

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