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DJ Yoda 'Feel lIke Home' (Lewis Recordings)

DJ Yoda
'Feel like Home' / 'Don't Mean A Thing'
(Lewis Recordings)

DJ Yoda's new album is about to drop and here's the first single, and what a beautiful thing it is!

A truly wonderous gospel outing with The House Gospel Choir laying down a song that can only be described as anthemic. Musically restrained yet perfectly conceived, a spectacular orchestral foundation for the choir and lead vocalist to shine above and wow, do they shine. Dropping this at the right time to the right dancefloor, you're gonna have a moment, I can see it now.

Flip over for 'Don't Mean A Thing' which continues on from the gospel of the A side (so a fully mixed album I guess?), and here Beardyman takes over the song duties and lays down an incredible soul/gospel vocal.

Like the A side, it is such an accomplished production delivered with layers of finesse, it's basically perfect.

I can't wait to hear the full album from start to finish as this is where everything will coalesce into what promises to be one of the albums of the year.

Buy here: (scroll down the page as there are many options here!) Bandcamp