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DJ Yoda - Roxbury (feat. Edo​.​G and Nubya Garcia)

DJ Yoda
Roxbury (feat. Edo​.​G and Nubya Garcia)
(Lewis Recordings)

Our favourite breakfast cereal box collector and occasional DJ (with the intergalactic skills on the boards to boot) DJ Yoda combed the galaxy for rappers to compete for the prize to be a guest on this 45 (in what some in distant planets call the X-Factor). He whittled it down to two (Edo.G and Nubya Garcia) and decided he couldn't possibly choose and so it came to be. Upon completion, 'Roxbury' was beamed down to Earth where a pressing plant somewhere in Eastern Europe got to work on the glossy full colour artwork and red wax! Earthlings are snapping this up like nobody's business and who could possibly blame them? It's a summer smash and a certified banger with a positive message for the kids. Don't take our word for it and listen to the stream below before copping doubles from DJ Yoda's Bandcamp page today.