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Djar One - Lighter Fluid (Beats House)

Djar One
Lighter Fluid / Let's Do The Breakdown
(Beats House)

Which bright spark decided to pair up producer Djar One and rapper Andy Cooper? One thing's for sure, whoever came up with the idea really know their onions when it comes to guaranteed rap gold. The pair combine for the summer smash 'Lighter Fluid'. We all know what both artists can bring to the table and on this release they combine talents that will cement both Djar One and Andy Cooper's reputation. The rep grows bigger so they say. None more so for this duo.
On the flip 'Let's Do The Breakdown', Djar One takes a classic melodic groove and underpins the funky guitar and vocals with some heavy drums. We are feeling this! 

This one is likely to fly out so we urge you to keep a close eye on the Beats House Bandcamp page for preorder details which will happen on June 3rd.