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Djar One - Soul Kitchen (Beats House)

Djar One
Soul Kitchen
(Beats House)

Kickstarting the week in fine fashion is the brand new release from Djar One entitled 'Soul Kitchen' on Beats House Records. Channelling that unmistakeable Morrission growl by reinforcing the psych-tinged original with the producer's trademark beefy drums that will charm dancefloors worldwide. 'Soul Kitchen' is likely to have Djar One's peers simultaneously nodding their heads while at the same time ripping up their ideas book. None of the charm of the original release is lost here but what is gained is that club appeal that will make this an essential shopping list item for all DJs that like to keep the dancers dancing!

Expect this release to fly off the racks in all good record shops that are getting behind this release. Available in a strictly limited run of 100 in juicy citric orange vinyl from April 1.