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Djar One - They Want More (Beats House)

Djar One
A: They Want More
B: Cradle To The Grave

(Beats House)

When the new Djar One 45 lands in the office we feel it's our duty to take note, listen and inform the readers and perhaps remind them how good this producer’s output really is.  Nestled in the beat cave deep in Le Havre, France, for this, his eight release on Beats House he's gathered a dream team of emcees and DJ's to help lend a hand. For those who fondly remember Yo! MTV Raps and how they highlighted the creative producers and DJ's in the early 90's this 45 is for you.

Djar One enlists rappers BlabberMouf & EllMatic on 'They Want More' , an upfront party rap track that's best enjoyed in a small but raucus basement club.  The cuts come courtesy of Masta MoonFlip the 45 for 'Cradle To The Grave', his collaboration with rapper Napoleon Da Legend with precision cuts by DJ Safe.  This beat showcases the producer's fondness for a solid soul hook which he gifts the rapper with and the results are so good. Another Djar One heavy hitter.

Strictly limited to 300 copies, this one you need to have at the top of your shopping list. Available from the Beats House Bandcamp page: https://beatshouse.bandcamp.com/album/they-want-more-b-w-cradle-to-the-grave