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Double A 'Super Badman Riddim' (Mountain 45s)

Double A / James Nasty
'Super Badman Riddim' / 'Fan Dem Off'
(Mountain 45s)

Mountain 45s continues to be a go-to label for sure-fire dancefloor nuggets, and this latest one from Double A and James Nasty ain't breaking the mould here.

The A side 'Super Bandman Riddim' from Double A magnificently fuses samba rhythms, techy flourishes, reggae vocal snippets, and some rave vibes into a targeted floor rocker. I just love the way he draws upon contemporary music and classic genres from the last 40 years in his productions, there's multiple hooks in the crossovers he magically weaves for listeners and dancers alike, and in this, he's created a DJ tool that's going to fire up the dancefloor guaranteed. Or to put it succinctly, it's a BANGER!

Flip over for the double A side and we find James Nasty's 'Fan Dem Off'. Heading even deeper, this one is all about electro/Afro flavours, a hypnotic and percussive experiment that has yielded something that will resonate with forward-thinking ravers.

In total, this is most definitely a DJ tools 45 with both tracks eminently mixable through their sparse and precise arrangements and sonics, with plenty of drops and gear-changing sequences. I can picture it now, the strobes are flashing, the dancefloor is throbbing, and this 45 drops to cause mayhem. Don't miss this one.

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