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Dubben 'Jesus Boogie' (Matasuna)

'Jesus Boogie' / 'Cachaça'

Fans of GAMM will well know the name Dubben and their quality latin/dub/beats rerubs for the label. Now here they are again on Matasuna with 2 great tracks on this 7". Mining the sounds of 1970's Brazil, 'Jesus Boogie' swings hard with a tough added kick and will have you imagining yourself on Ipanema with the sunshine blazing down. Meanwhile on the flip is where the real heat is...'Cachaça' swings even harder with a whole heap of fun injected into the arrangement. The orginal source is a 1960's Polish bossa track, but here Dubben have set to work on it and added so much extra pzazz so as to make this way more than just a lowly 'edit'. Great work, great sunshine sounds, all ready for the coming summer. Out 22nd Feb.

Buy here: Juno

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