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Edwin Starr / Aretha Franklin - 25 Miles / Change (Soul Flip)

A: Edwin Starr - 25 Miles (Soul Flip edit)
B: Aretha Franklin - Change (Soul Flip Edit)

(Soul Flip)

Are we the  only ones left in the entire universe to acknowledge Plymouth and Brighton production misfits in the guise of Aldo Vanucci and Del Gazeebo? I certainly hope not, as I'd like to think we're here to educate and inform here at 45 Live HQ. With their Soul Flip mask on, they've only gone and reworked, with kid gloves on I hasten to add, a couple of classics for this the second release on their Soul Flip label. What we have here is two undisputed gems of soul and what the production duo have brought to the original recordings only serves to pack a dancefloor by breathing new life into these recordings. First off is Edwin Starr's road trip opus '25 Miles' that will have you dancing as many miles to the nearest record shop to pick up this 45! On the flip, clap your hands for boss lady Aretha Franklin as she signals a stement of intent over an extended backbeat on 'Change'. Highly recommended.

Available to preorder via Junohttps://www.juno.co.uk/products/edwin-starr-aretha-franklin-25-miles/684496-01/