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El Combo Batanga - Ají Gua Guao (Lovemonk)

El Combo Batanga
Ají Gua Guao


El Combo Batanga are a band hailing from Madrid, Spain and the latin funk music scene in that part of the world has inspired the crew to spawn the track 'Ají Gua Guao'. Without further ado, let's get into it. Infectious latin feelgood flavours from the off, we're treated to an upfront summer jam from the crew who keep the mercury rising as the track progresses. This track will become a firm favourite for the DJ's who like to juggle because midway through the drummer gets loose for a drum break that invites the dancefloor to grow and grow. We're dealing with a super tight crew here and the music they produce is made with the dancefloor in their sights. The label on the bottle reads five flames. File under hot dancefloor latin goodness! Available now on Lovemonk Records.