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El Klan 'Cold Sweat' (Mushi 45)

El Klan / John Wagner Coaltion
'Cold Sweat' / 'Cold Sweat'
(Mushi 45)

Did you pick up the Mushi 45 'Ashadwa' by The Ethiopian Brothers earlier this year? Which in my opinion is one of the best donuts released this year, absolute FIRE! That record is one where everything the label then puts out is a MUST check, and this new Mushi 45 keeps the quality high with 2 version of JB's classic 'Cold Sweat' from El Klan and The John Wagner Coalition. El Klan is a new name for me, and a quick delve into Discogs shows some tasty late 60's mod/latin/soul/R&B tunes with their take on 'Cold Sweat' being a musical heavyweight complete with super crisp drum breaks. The Wagner version is a slicker affair, more jazz funk fusion with great organ and strings. Apparently this is the start of a series of obscure JB covers/edits, something to look forward to indeed.

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