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Eleven 76 - The Scarab's Quest (Mocambo)

Eleven 76
The Scarab's Quest

What is it about Mocambo that has us constantly hitting refresh on our browsers to see if there's news of another release from this Hamburg based label that specialises in the finest funk and soul ever commited to wax? Good news funk fans! The wait is over. The mighty Eleven 76 hand in what must be their finest body of work so far in 'The Scarab's Quest'.  With more than enough in the tank to please the b-boys and b-girls thanks to an infectious drum break, this track will fill the void left from their last forty-five that they dropped for the label back in 2019 entitled 'Space Voyage'. On 'The Scarab's Quest', the aforementioned drum break underpins an Arabian themed groove that proves that Mocambo know what they're up to and can sniff the cream a mile off. Hats off to Eleven 76 for another cinematic assault on the senses. Peep the mazing video after the stream and go forth and cop today.