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Ella Fitzgerald - Get Ready (Soul Flip Edit) (Soul Flip)

A: Ella Fitzgerald - Get Ready (Soul Flip Edit)
B: Tammi Terrell - Two Can Have a Party (Soul Flip Edit)
(Soul Flip)

You may be forgiven to not being hip to the sound of a Soul Flip edit. After all, these nuggets of soul gold usually fly out the moment they stock them in your local bricks and mortar shops. We thought we'd give you a head start by letting you know about their upcoming release, number ten in the series, which we're sure you'll be counting down the days for release once you've had a sniff of the stream below.

Ella Fitzgerald's triumphant message of intent on 'Get Ready' has the Soul Flip producers eagerly etching, twiddling and indeed finessing that golden voice and delivering their own signature stamp on proceedings that we are so very fond of here at 45 Live. 
Tammi Terrell seems to be adhering to local government guidelines and restricting her party to just two people on 'Two Can Have A Party'. Now, we're all for keeping each other safe but how good is this going to sound on a heaving dancefloor when we're allowed to once again enjoy ourselves in the club. As always, the Soul Flip crew ensure it's tailor made for the ultimate listening experience.