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Emma Noble - Emma Noble EP (Emma Noble Music)

Emma Noble
A: No Turning Back
B: Woman Of The World
C: Table Dancers
D:Table Dancers (Smoove 7" Remix)
(Emma Noble Music)

We here at 45 Live Towers have been patiently sitting on this release for what seems like an eternity now but the while has been waited. We can now spread the word far and wide that the mood shifting soul supreme powerhouse Emma Noble is ready to shake the musical coconut tree to reveal some rather hairy and juicy musical treats! 

The EP opens with some high-octane fuel-injected asserted soul in the form of 'No Turning Back'. We are almost immediately drawn into a sugar spun soul twisterella that Ms. Noble serves up. On Marvin Gaye's 'Woman Of The World', Ms. Noble shifts gears to deilver a more upfront modern soul cut dedicated to the fairer sex that will charm the pants off the trouser wearing population thanks to some meandering flute blasts and that infectious voice.

Armed with a gallon of Mr. Sheen under each arm for the rich mohogany she plans to mount, it's this devil-may-care attitude and a will to limber up and timber-mount with style that really has us warming to Ms. Noble. While the bongo-underpinned dancefloor sureshot of 'Table Dancers' would have Joe Wicks out of breath and puffing like a magic dragon, she goes full steam on the Smoove remix of 'Table Dancers' that sends our heart rate sky high thanks to some clever drum programming from a producer who knows what buttons to press for the ultime dancefloor secret weapon.

Emma Noble's self-titled debut EP is available now in digi with the super deluxe bumper double pack 7" edition dropping in March. You can now preorder the deluxe double 45 pack today through the Bandcamp page.