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Empresarios - Morena (Boogieburg)

A: Morena
B: The Vibes feat. Ephniko


And just like that Boogieburg are back with yet another dope new product! This prolific independent label are already on their fifth vinyl release and on this occasion they bring to you a Latin mini heat rock by Empresarios. Bringing the block party from Puerto Rico via Colombia onward to Washington, DC and Miami , Empresarios have stocked up on ‘D’ batteries for the boombox and sun tan lotion. The perfect soundtrack for this particular road trip is the lead track ‘Morena’ with Empresarios bandleader Javier Miranda leading the charge.

‘Vibes’ featuring the vocal talents of Columbian born, Miami based emcee Ephniko is on the flip. The tempo is set to simmer but this reggae-infused stepper screams party just as loudly as 'Morena'. Empresarios coming to your town. The advice is to welcome them with open arms!

Available to purchase today via Juno: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/empresarios-morena/680061-01

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